Volunteer with us

TKT is very proud of its dedicated entourage of volunteers and appreciates their fine work. It believes that volunteers are vital to initiate and carry forward various activities in rural tourism and socio-economic empowerment among its local population because they care deeply about enhancing their community’s potentials, and their work is a labor of love.

TKT invites you and all those with a passion to share your experiences and ideas with our humble brothers in Anegundi and around through the following ways:

  1. Design products with women artisans in banana fiber, water hyacinth grass, river grass and other types of natural fiber, paper, cotton fabrics, and many more
  2. Engage in agriculture, organic farming, planting trees, and spread the green cover around Anegundi
  3. Prepare and execute tourism related activities like walks, treks, rock climbing, mountaineering, culinary lessons, home stay/ pension management, house-keeping, crafts lessons, for TKT in a fool proof manner
  4. Engage in architectural restoration and conservation or design the interiors of our guest houses or any space or help with visual merchandising of the craft shop or saree shop
  5. Improve upon sanitation in the village, either through implementing an innovative idea or through creative means in garbage collection and wastewater disposal or even simple fund raising to build toilets
  6. Support animal husbandry, poultry, vermiculture and associated industries with your innovative ideas
  7. Teach English and/ or computers to the children in government school or teach the teachers or improve upon the existing library
  8. Develop systems and train local people towards capacity building for effective running of the various community centric projects in the village
  9. Document the various strands of histories- local, mythical, cultural, culinary, natural, etc. and add to the existing corpus of the knowledge repository at TKT
  10. Photograph our achievements or take photography sessions with locals and tourists
  11. Help us with our website, SEO, facebook and e commerce etc

That apart, you must be or know the following to make that much required difference:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Be independent, focussed and hard working
  • Technical expertise in your field of application
  • Fluent knowledge of English/ Hindi
  • People oriented skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic Organizational and Management skills

Rules and Application Form for Volunteers

Please download, print, sign, scan and email the following PDF documents to us.

Rules for Volunteers 2014 -15

Volunteer Application Form

Internship with us

TKT encourages Research work in the area of Conservation and Craft. So, the organization invites application from the Institutes for the students with subjects of Architecture Conservation, Agriculture Research, Designing, Fashion Technology etc. TKT will host such students to help them undergoing the deep knowledge and research work in this field by providing a strong platform.

The institute has to send an e-mail with application on letter head on behalf of the student. The conversation can be made to