Hampi has been put on a pedestal as a tourism destination, but not enough has been done for the community living around the site. I am concerned about heavy-handed investments without any vision. It would be easy for big investors to buy up the whole place, but I want the people to be proud of their heritage and not be dislocated from their livelihood. The vernacular heritage is important. To retain that, investors must involve the local people and engage the youth through employment. Anegundi is just a metaphor for the whole country.

– Shama Pawar



Shama Pawar

Hampi made a strong impression on Shama after she first visited the site in 1991. She loved the pure raw beauty of the landscape; the majestic boulders, the pristine river, rich forests and beautiful ruins. She moved full time to Anegundi in 1994. Her fascination with architectural conservation, people and the environment compelled her to do something to retain Anegundi’s natural beauty.

Diminutive and soft-spoken, she is literally a tiny bundle of unfathomable energy. Originally a painter, she has made Hampi her home and has dedicated her life to the socio economic well-being of the people in Hampi WHS, as a visionary, conservationist, designer, social leader, all rolled into one.


  • Founder of The Kishkinda Trust 1997-Anegundi, Hampi, Karnataka, India
  • Founder Member of Hampi Foundation
  • Convener, INTACH, Hampi Chapter
  • Member of Sanjeevani Co op for Organic farmers, Anegundi
  • Convener, INTACH, Anegundi Chapter
  • On Jury for Janaki Devi Bajaj Puraskar 2008
  • On Jury for 7 Wonders of India for NDTV 2009
  • Presented Rmli Ibrahim of Malaysia  in Hampi 4th. Feb 2008
  • Presented Dr. L.Subramanaiam and  Leipzig Philharmonic orchestra in Hampi 2009

Work and Concerns

  • Conservation of Environment- Planning, Integration of Heritage Conservation and Community Empowerment
  • Capacity building in Organic farming, Crafts, Vocational education, Arts and Culture
  • Education
  • Bachelor of Fine arts Painting, SNDT University, Pune
  • 2 Year Foundation course at Abhinav Kala Mandir Poona
  • Drafting and space planning and Interior Design in Michigan, East Lansing USA for 1 ½ years

2001 to date

  • Began creating physical examples of conserving traditional houses and setting up business incubators in Anegundi
  • Executed Rural Tourism Scheme with assistance of GOI Ministry of Tourism Concept of which was mainly setting up business incubators in traditional restored houses, developing, improving and beautifying community spaces with minimal interventions
  • Published Kishkinda Tails book on mythological stories of Hampi with a map which could be used as a trail and information for children as well as adults
  • Worked for developing the village square with State Archaeology and Museums at Anegundi
  • Communication and awareness creating of conservation of natural and Man made heritage with Gram Panchayat.
  • Translated some of the key issues of management plan of Hampi and traditional architectural typologies in Kannada and had it presented to Gram Panchayat members.
  • Many students of architecture from India and abroad are regularly volunteering and are under the care of the project to document traditional houses of Anegundi.
  • Developed many layers of plans for Anegundi documenting existing solid east situation, ruins, existing toilets, wells, typologies of the traditional houses, wells etc., which were also used to develop projects by The Kishkinda Trust as well as Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority.
  • Anegundi acts as a pilot for rural development that has set systems, tools and standards for development concepts for a rural destination set in a heritage site
  • Directed and delegated documentation and suggestions, plans for sanitation and infrastructure for Anegundi with 2 French interns of ENSAM, Aixen Provence, France. A Leading French engineering school in mechanical and industrial engineering School member of ParisTech (Paris Institute of Technology)

The Arts

Rashmi Mantan

  • Ran a program to develop awareness on various issues concerning environment, heritage, education, cleanliness, history etc, though perfuming arts, theatre and dance. The children from this project won various trophies up to state level And became a hit in the region for their Indian dance.

Sangeet Sadhana

  • Assisted renowned vocalist Smt. Aditi Upadhyaya in location specific music workshops for her students
  • Organized workshops for dance, theatre and held many performances for the children of Anegundi
  • Assisted theatre artists such as Khalid Tyabji and Adil Hussein to set up theatre workshops in Hampi


  • Activated a campaign to save 200 ancient Banyan trees in Pune, with BEAG Bombay Environmental Action Group, after losing the case ensured that BIAF took the trunks with roots and have them planted else ware
  • Worked in Sindhudurga dist of Maharashtra, developing concepts for the latarite mines to be used as storage spaces for water, fodder, manure, and harvests, other multiple usages such as amphitheatre, parking and plantation
  • Assisted students of SEPT Ahemadabad in documentation of the Wada of Angre family in Vijayadurg, Sindhudurga district, Maharashtra
  • Assisted BEAG to document the CRZ area and the mangroves of Sindhudurga dist. Maharashtra
  • Devised an info kit on CRZ and importance of conservation of the mangroves
  • Worked with scavengers with developing hygienic sanitation systems


  • Began a save ‘ROH’ Royal Opera House campaign in, which ended unsuccessfully. Nevertheless, she had it included to be protected in the heritage buildings gazette of Mumbai, with the help of Bombay history society.


  • Documentation of traditional architecture of the PETH AREAS OF Pune through photography and drawings