Our Gramgranthalaya, building was re – built under the Rural Tourism Scheme, This houses the Gramgranthalaya as well as a cultural Library , that inculcates reading habits amongst the local children, it also acts as a reference place for various researchers of local architecture and conservation, rural tourism, history, etc. It also has a shelve with TKT’s annual reports, audit reports, various reports on TKT’s work for community and visitors alike, creating transparent practices of the organization., Here local Government school visit daily after school and are involved in creative workshops such as drawing, painting, theatre etc. It also has educational panels for community and visitors alike.
This programme was intitated by the support from The Rajiv Gandhi Foundation during 2006-2008.
We have also been working on our self motivated programme “Education Through Performing Arts”. This has been one of the most effective programs where the young children learn dance, music theatre from various specialized artists, here we have experienced that the children involved in this program are overall much more tuned to concept of conservation, ecology etc. along with team work, ethics, their ability to grasp and learn strengths, and in the long run they get involved in social projects as well as turn out to be confident, capable individuals. This project runs on the grants received by those who see the programs.