Our vision is to see the local community achieve social and economic empowerment through conservation of their natural, cultural and architectural heritage, and in doing so secure the future of the site through sustainable integration with the people of the land.

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India’s leading travel magazine, Outlook Traveller is celebrating its 14th year in publishing. Every year the magazine asks its readers to vote on the best travel destinations, properties and service providers based on their travel experiences and preferences, as part of the annual Outlook Traveller Readers’ Survey through their website www.outlooktraveller.com.

This year, the response has been overwhelming and over 18,000 respondents voted for their travel preferences through the Outlook Traveller website. In the Outstanding Contribution to Travel category, which is a special Jury Award, Ms. Shama Pawar has been adjudged the winner by the jury. The awards will be given on 27th March 2015 at Dusit Devarana, NH 8, New Delhi, from 7.30 pm onwards by the hands of the Chief Guest of the evening, Dr. Lalit.K Panwar, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India.

We are thankful to Outlook Traveller which has recognized our efforts in ‘Tourism’ in Hampi and exclusively in its core zone village Anegundi to create a successful example how tourism can embrace conservation, empowerment and possibility of sharing our rich cultural heritage with visitors. We are glad to share our success with all those who have been involved directly or indirectly in our journey during the year and do hope for a constant support for all upcoming days to achieve new milestones.


The Kishkinda Trust

The Kishkinda Trust was established in 1997 and works to integrate heritage conservation with the lives of the local people, striving towards the socio-economic and cultural enhancement of Anegundi.

Over the years since its inception, the Trust has run programs integrating heritage conservation with Crafts, Rural Tourism, Organic Farming and other locally developed skills that benefit the community socially and financially.

The Trust is located in Anegundi, a village with a rich cultural heritage. Believed to be ‘Kishkinda’, the legendary monkey kingdom of the Ramayana, it is situated on the banks of the Tungabhadra River in Northern Karnataka.

Falling within the core zone of the World Heritage Site of Hampi Group of Monuments, it was designated as such by UNESCO in 1986.

Its ancient temples and temple complexes are testimonials of the refined rural architecture of the Vijayanagara and Pre-Vijayanagara Empires, which date back to Ashoka in the 3rd century AD. In fact, Anegundi is often referred to as ‘The Cradle City of Hampi’ as it was here that the Vijayanagara kings took birth, and their descendents continue to reside in the village to the present day.